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Coinvertit is the greatest way to buy and sell
bitcoin, bitcoin cash and litecoin

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The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is above €590 billion as of December 28, 2020
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extremely fast SEPA transfers or national bank transfers
SEPA transfers take maximum 1-2 business days, while national bank transfers in Romania can be processed the same day, sometimes even in minutes. We will send the coins automatically when we have received the money on our bank account
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Why use Coinvertit to buy or sell crypto currencies?
We made it as easy as possible for you to buy and sell bitcoin, bitcoin cash and litecoin. And, our rates beat everything that is currently on the market. Try us and you will be convinced
Easy to use
We make sure that you make an online account very fast. You can use our step by step guide for your convenience.
Flexible and Customizable
You have the option to deposit FIAT currency and exchange it to crypto and vice-versa or deposit only the exact amount you wish to exchange.
Easy mobile access
You can use our services on your mobilephone too, trough every mobile browser.
Quick Exchange Rate updates
Our customers will be updated every minute with Exchange Rates from FIAT to CRYPTO and vice-versa.
Best Rates in the Market
You will not find better rates when paying by SEPA transfers (European Bank transfers) or national bank transfers in Romania.
Online Chat Support
We have an online chat on our site that you can use from 9am to 5pm (EET), if you have any questions and you seek for help.
2024-07-21 06:30:17
The recently detained Nigerian self-proclaimed cryptocurrency billionaire, Linus Williams, has been released on bail.
2024-07-21 05:29:39
Bitcoin is seeing a reduction in selling pressure from large investors as its price continues to hold above $67,000.
2024-07-21 04:04:18
According to Paul Thomas, a seasoned technologist and founder at Somnia, artificial intelligence (AI), like the metaverse before it, is currently experiencing hype.
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