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Accounts and Registration
How do I register?
How much time does it take for my account to be verified?
Can I have multiple accounts?
Can I change my name on Coinvertit?
I made an error during the registration and I can not change it anymore. What can I do?
I have not received my confirmation SMS. What do I do?
What if I want to register as a company?
I have registered my account but I can not start trading. Why?
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How do I change my password?
What can I do if I forgot my password?
I want to change my e-mail address. How can I do that?
My phone number has changed, what should I do?
What is 2FA Authentification?
How do I enable my Two Factor Authentication?
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How to Trade
Can I trade with others through Coinvertit?
What is the minimum amount of cryptocurrency I can buy with my Coinvertit account?
Can I use my credit card / debit card for transactions?
What are your fees?
How do I buy crypto on Coinvertit?
How do I buy crypto using my existing wallet balance?
How do I buy crypto by direct bank transfer?
How do I sell crypto on Coinvertit?
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What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?
How Does a Cryptocurrency Wallet Work?
Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Should I Use?
What kind of Wallets are available on Coinvertit?
How do I deposit to my wallet?
How do I withdraw from my wallet?
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In which countries can I buy BTC?
In which countries can I sell BTC?
In which countries can I buy LTC?
In which countries can I sell LTC?
In which countries can I buy DASH?
In which countries can I sell DASH?
In which countries can I buy BCH?
In which countries can I sell BCH?
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How do I sell crypto on Coinvertit?
To sell crypto on Coinvertit you need to login first to your account.
As soon as you are logged in, you follow the below steps to sell your crypto:

1. Click on Sell Crypto.
2. On the "You are paying" field type the amount in crypto currency you would like to exchange and select the crypto currency you would like to sell from the dropdown.
3. On "Send payment from" please select Direct Transfer.
4. On the "You are receiving" field, we will automatically calculate the amount of fiat currency you will receive (EUR or RON) based on the amount in crypto currency you typed on "You are paying" field and the current exchange rate. Additionally, if you will type anything on this field, we will automatically recalculate the amount needed in paying currency. You can also select from the dropdown the fiat currency you would like us to send you (EUR or RON) and we will always show the amount of the selected fiat currency you will receive.
5. On the "Receive payment to" field, you will have multiple options.
  • a) Your Coinvertit RON or EUR Wallet
  • b) Your already saved bank accounts (including IBAN) (if any)
  • c) Add new bank account
If you select a), as soon as the exchange is finished, the fiat amount will be added to your Coinvertit Wallet.
If you select b), as soon as the exchange is finished, the fiat amount will be sent to your confirmed bank account.
If you select c), 2 new fields will show up below so you can add a new bank account and have the exchange amount sent to this new bank account.
If you have not added yet a bank account, you need to select "Add new bank account address" and fill the next 2 fields:
a) Provide a name to the bank account (this is optional and it is only for you so you can later identify the bank account easier, for example, if the address is your bank account at ING Bank, you can use a name like ING EUR)
b) Provide the IBAN code (this is required and it is the IBAN code in valid format).

As soon as all the required fields are completed, you can click on the Exchange button.

On the next page, we will show you a summary of your order and if everything looks good, you can click on Confirm Order. As soon as the Order is confirmed, you will receive from us a unique crypto address, together with the Order ID. You can go to your wallet and send the required amount to the crypto address from the order. As soon as the payment is confirmed by the network (blockchain), your exchange will be executed in the shortest time at the actual exchange rate and fiat currency will be added to your wallet or sent to your desired bank account.